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A Breach of Fiduciary Duty is a Breach of Trust.

A fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in the best interest of another party. A fiduciary must exercise all of the skill, care and diligence at his or her disposal when acting on behalf of the client. When fulfilling this role, he or she is held to a high standard of honesty and must fully disclose his or her actions and intents. When a person agrees to act in a fiduciary relationship for another, the law forbids the fiduciary from acting in any manner contrary or adverse to the interest(s) of the client. He or she is also prevented acting for his or her own benefit in relation to the subject matter. Fiduciary relationships can include:

  • An attorney's fiduciary duty to his client
  • A corporation's board member's fiduciary duty to the shareholders
  • A trustee's fiduciary duty to the trust's beneficiaries


Attorneys, doctors and other healthcare professionals, brokers and accountants, trustees and trust administrators can all be held accountable for breach of fiduciary duty for actions that include:

  • Conflict(s) of interest
  • Probate fraud
  • Inappropriate investment or self-dealing
  • Executing probate court orders
  • Acting against probate codes or rules
  • Estate transference failures

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