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Have you been a victim of an insurance company's wrongful practices?

Individuals and corporations who pay into insurance policies in good faith deserve good insurance coverage, but they don’t always get it. Thankfully, the state of Texas has laws to protect those who have been wronged by an insurance company’s poor policy management, bad faith, slow paying of claims, or refusal to pay for eligible claims.

The laws in Texas recognize that insurance companies have a duty to policyholders to provide the coverage promised when the covered property is damaged. When insurance companies fail to provide the good faith coverage that policy holders are depending on, it is time to hold them accountable in court. The Camberg Law Firm has attorneys who are experts in the field of bad faith insurance.

Although the insurance company’s failure has likely caused you financial and mental stress, the good news is that there are legal channels through which you can make your case and get what is due to you as a responsible policy holder. Some bad faith insurance cases not only require the insurance company to pay what is due on the policy, but to pay additional funds to compensate for the failure.

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